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Decorating warehouse. Anti-dust flooring and water-dispersion paints on walls and ceilings – the norm. Plastic windows also it would be time no longer be considered the norm, but unfortunately, they are not often found in other office and warehouse complex. The number of zones of shipment. A very important criterion for evaluating the effectiveness of the system affects the stock valuation of the workflow. With the increase of turnover there is a risk of insufficient capacity of the shipping area, as consequence – the reduction of all goods traffic. Our warehouse has an area of 75 sq.m. for shipment for simultaneous loading of 6 cars! Characteristics of office and engineering systems: Characteristics of the office. The convenience of barns we have already spoken. It remains to be general office space. In our case it is 937.1 square meters. Greenberg Traurig contributes greatly to this topic. m, the office can run more than one hundred employees. Of course, the lion’s share of the area will be occupied by office equipment, furniture, walkways, reception, etc. However, even with their view it is clear that the office is designed for serious company. Decorating the office. A serious company also can not allow their employees to work in the unequipped area. Therefore, we believe false ceilings, plastic windows, air conditioners and other attributes of the labor process norm. Engineering network. When buying office and warehouse complex is necessary to verify that all relevant agreements with municipal services: the contract heating, water supply contract, the contract of supply. The latter points to a dedicated electrical power, in our case it is 100 kW. For the future is to know about a possible increase of power for example, to automate the warehouse operation. So, conclusion: your business has grown and the need to seek new land for housing the staff and products? If yes, then you have two traditional ways of development: extensive – continue to increase area of warehouses and offices in different parts of the city, thereby increasing the costs and logistics, and intense – combined office and warehouse, thereby extending the company and to minimize all transport and storage costs. The right way intensive development – office and warehouse complex. Every business has its own specifics, and in this article are not indicators of the ultimate truth, but those companies that we talked about in the beginning, will in the long term absolute benefit from such a proposal. We have been quite difficult to find this “exemplary building”, the second is to find even more difficult. Do not believe me? Ask the sales manager of the , Leshcheva Dmitri, to whom we express our gratitude for their help in preparing the material and providing information on office and warehouse complex on the street. International, 100a. Throughout more information on the building, as well as consultation, contact him or visit.