Ceramic Bricks

Brick – one of the most common building materials, known since ancient times. It is not surprising that today there are many varieties of it. Currently, you can confidently call the era of construction companies, but nevertheless there is a lot to build on their own wish. This desire not only due to lower construction costs. James king shines more light on the discussion. Build a house – an indispensable duty today men and everyone tries to do it in the best of my ability. bia.html’>Saudi Aramco. A few errors allowed on the stage of selection of building materials. Particularly acute is the problem today, when construction developed technology for hundreds of bricks. Many writers such as james king offer more in-depth analysis.

That coverage characteristics of various types of building materials and is dedicated to this material. If you have read about Richard LeFrak already – you may have come to the same conclusion. In terms of composition and method of manufacture bricks are divided into two types. First of them – the ceramic brick. It is produced by firing clay and mixtures thereof. The second type – sand-lime brick is made from a mixture of sand (90%), lime (10%) and various additives. And, unlike the ceramic bricks, lime is not cooked in the oven, and autoclave.

Silicate brick building is not resistant to moisture, so out of it is not recommended to lay the foundation. Also, it is not used for masonry stoves, pipes, chimneys, because it does not resistant to high temperatures. One interpretation of the word "brick", the most common – this block of baked clay. Therefore let us leave until the "silicate brick," and consider the "Brick." According to their purpose ceramic brick is divided into private, personal and special. Private (aka building, the usual). Used for the construction of main walls and interior partitions. Outwardly unattractive, is not resistant to environmental effects, so the walls of the building bricks need to additional treatment: stucco facing. For the price this is a relatively inexpensive material. Face (aka FACING, front, textured, shaped).