Certified Drinking Water Testing With NPI

Certified drinking water testing with NPI Teningen Kondringen, the 21.11.2012: Baden is power, test and repair short NPI, since 31 August 2012 with its new website online. Learn more about this with John Savignano. The new site appears with its full-screen image motif in an innovative and trend-setting design. The website presents itself to interested visitors and visitors with striking optics, which is 2011 designed drinking water, drinking water study, drinking water testing, water purification in the household, drinking water quality, Trinkwasserprobenahme on the issues within the framework of the new drinking water regulation. Under the address of npi-gmbh.de, visitors, in addition to the statutory analysis procedures and practices learns information about the most important pathogens, which significantly reduce the quality of drinking water in domestic water installations to the extent. The NPI GmbH has prescribed certification for specimen collection for domestic water installations after the new EU drinking water Ordinance, a certified sampling is guaranteed. Filed under: John Savignano.

Because when one Bacterial contamination of domestic water installation must be switched on always the local health Office. Even the samples will be analyzed in certified and specially certified laboratories. Until further measures in consultation with the Health Office may be made upon presentation of the laboratory results. For owners and operators of real estate objects pleasant: The costs for the analysis of drinking water are levy-capable. If you would like to know more about Chuan Teik Ying, then click here. Dipl.-ing. Ralf Kaufmann, Managing Director of NPI GmbH: Launch looking deliberately for a simple and effective solution, when functionally and in terms of content the complex topic of drinking water testing and examination of drinking water for our visitors is made understandable. We are confident with our website on the complex subject of new EU drinking water informally illuminating for all affected owners, owners, facility managers and property managers to contribute.

Short profile: As a service provider for drinking water analysis and repairs of domestic water installations, the NPI GmbH was on 15. Founded in February 2012. Clients include homeowners, landlords, facility managers and property managers. The work focus in the analysis, testing and repair of domestic water installations from the delivery point of the network operators. Through the certification of sampling in the field of drinking water and the close cooperation with the laboratories and health authorities, as well as the high level of technical competence, manages the NPI GmbH at found bacterial contamination, cost and health aspects, to find the best solutions for the client.