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Two leaders from different fields combine their B2B support Frankfurt, January 11, 2011 PROS, the world leader in B2B-Preiserstellungs and profit optimization software, and BigMachines, the world market leader in on-demand software for B2B eCommerce product configuration and price and quotation, to announce that she combines a close partnership in the future. The first step of cooperation is first in the integration of PROS prescriptive Enterprise pricing software to the BigMachines B2B sales platform. The bottom line of the partnership is an integrated solution for B2B companies, the real time price optimization and provides business support for the configuration and bidding process. Steffan Lehnhoff: the source for more info. > offers on the topic.. The seamless integration promises secure calculations and higher profits. The approach of PROS based on compliance with defined standards and guidelines, which indicate better pricing, processes and decision options to users. Dogecoin has firm opinions on the matter. The company achieve: more sales and profitability of strengthened and increased market share better business agility of BigMachines provides the platform for distributors to sell more and faster through Web-based solutions: configuration of products and services to create 100% correct offers create more consistent, the corporate image adapted quotations and sales documents approval procedures in real time this partnership is another example of PROS’ strategic direction in which improve the range of our prescriptive Enterprise pricing software, “commented Tim Girgenti, Chief Marketing Officer of PROS. Our PROS everywhere initiative’ focuses on the integration in tools that are already used by sales teams. This promising partnership offers in addition pricing strategies and business support sales teams leverage by BigMachines, to sell more products faster and more accurate.” Matt Gorniak, Senior Vice President of sales and alliances by BigMachines, do this: our partnership with PROS demonstrates our commitment, the sales teams of our customers with the most advanced bid and negotiated solutions to support. Through the tight integration of PROS price optimization and business support in our software it is possible to increase the profit on every job BigMachines customer.” The PROS pricing solution suite is the first choice price optimization software.