Civil Guard

The incident occurred in 2010, when the woman was invited to a birthday party, where took the opportunity for the theft of the jewels. It was already stopped in July this year by the same type of theft in dwellings that worked as a cleaner. The Civil Guard have arrested a neighbor in Cartaya (Huelva) for stealing jewels valued at 880 euros in a House to which she was invited to a birthday, after having been detained by another similar robbery of 6,000 euros in homes where she worked as a cleaner. In a statement, the Civil Guard has informed that the detainee is I.M.C.P., 34 years old, who was already arrested last July after steal jewelry valued at 6,000 euros in several homes that had been hired as a cleaner. The incident that has become to be detained occurred the last day 22 December 2010, when she was invited at the victim’s House to celebrate his birthday.

There, along with other friends, took a careless to subtract from the House a gold bracelet, a slave, and two sets of earrings of gold, with approximate valuation of about 880 euros. Until the owner lend them missing, the detainee the transaction sold them in two shops for the sale of gold, where it was registered. The woman has returned to be detained, but as on other occasions the jewels, not have been recovered since last a short time, these establishments of purchase of gold usually melt parts. In addition, it is imputed by a dozen of these petty theft, which leverages the relationship of trust with victims, or his work as a cleaner, to do with small pieces of gold, which are subsequently sold. The Civil Guard has instructed the relevant proceedings which, in union of the careful, have been put at the disposal of the magistrate of guard of Ayamonte. Source of the news: A woman is arrested after stealing 880 euros in jewels in a House which was invited