Classification Warehouse

Classification warehouse As retail space, warehouse space can be classified into classes, depending on the characteristics of the premises and recruitment of additional services that may be offered by the lessor. "This Class A includes the capital structure heated with the temperature regime of the order of 18 +22 C, with a ceiling height of approximately 10 meters and with anti-dust coated the floor, – says Igor Tsokol, a leading specialist of business Real estate company AKRUS-real estate ". – Must be good driveways, playground for the reception, standing and maneuvering of trucks, landing-stage as a "Gazelle" and under "ZILy and trucks. Typically, such stocks are rather expensive rent of 1 square meter in them ranges from 150 to 240 dollars per 1 square meter per year. Profitability of the business tenants are based on the use of multi-level racks. That is an area the size of one pallet accounts for up to six pallets, one above the other.

" Typically, Class A warehouse premises are built using high quality materials and taking into account modern logistics technologies. In some cases, Class A can be attributed mic factories that produced space technology and other similar products. It is mandatory at the sites should be present system of fire alarm and automatic fire extinguishing system (Spray or powder). Rooms have climate control system and equipped with air curtains at the gate. Sami gate must be dock-type. The warehouses are equipped with a hydraulic ramp, height adjustable, The territory is protected with alarm systems and cctv.