The caption used books, is a market segment, because they are also new books, but within the books category is the history books items, is a niche. This is it, you should concentrate on a niche specific for you, you should calmly analyze that what you like most or it is what more you know and once you have clear, direct you to that public specific you may need what you have to offer. It is not new what I’m saying and, probably, you have already heard, but it is necessary that you record it you to fire, not for insistent will cease to be true and valuable. Vocalize in a specific topic instead of several. I’m not saying that, if you like several subjects not develop them, only that one time, and so you go trying to each topic and, with the passing of time, you can have multiple web sites. Decidete by a specific topic, researches, studies, learns and get going, and eventually, you will become an expert. You have a vast range of options to choose from, here are some: stock sale of software market. Selling info products.

Real estate. Travel and tourism. Virtual business. Games and entertainment. Cooking recipes. Theatre shows.

Sports events. Collectibles. Antiques. Art and culture. Beauty. Self-help. Household. Religion. Bless you. Die tas. And I assure you that there are many more. As you can see the possibilities are many and varied just choose the niche market that more you have left, with which you feel better. Once you’ve chosen your product spend you time to study that kind of audience you’ll go, everything not is for all… It is not question of placing an ad on Google and to come to clicking on advertisement any person, if you don’t go to a specific audience, is spend clicking and throwing money in the trash. The audience to which you go you must be clearly identified. Choose the audience and find out what they want, once you know it, just give it, adapt your product to the greatest needs and give them the solution to your problem. By now collects this information, either this article or others, save it and that will serve to guide you. Finally: Classifying information, leaving you with what serves you and discarding what no, will you go learning, and of everything learned you will get your own answers and certainties. Great ideas are those of which the only thing that surprises us is that not have happened us before.