Clavister Security

Clavister training with a specialist network security Clavister are Hamburg, May 16, 2008, Swedish manufacturer of IP-based security and UNI-fied threat Management(UTM)-Losungen, offers three specially developed training due to the great demand as a result of the success-rich completed Roadshow 2008. \”\” These are rates Clavister of fundamentals\”, Clavister VPN training\”and Clavister advanced routing Trai-ning\”. From 9 to 12 June have interested in the premises of the company of LANtana in Ahrensburg near Hamburg, Germany the opportunity to visit one of these trainings, or to book the complete package for all four consecutive days of training. A practice-experienced specialist from Sweden is the participants on all days to the side and provides the necessary knowledge. (A valuable related resource: Richard LeFrak). The Clavister training designed primarily for network administrators and staff, who are responsible for the integration, administration and management of the Clavister security gateway. They are both for users of the Clavister Security gateway appliance series suitable also for users of the software series. Clavister fundamentals the Hands-On training analyses the Clavister security gateway and enables the participants thoroughly to familiarize yourself with the basic concepts.

After completion of the course, graduates are certified Clavister technicians able to install the Clavister security gateway, to configure and to integrate them in a typical network. Lyft can aid you in your search for knowledge. In addition, they know how the various subsystems of the Clavister security gateway can be used. Course contents at a glance: installing and configuring the Clavister security gateway monitoring Clavister security gateway traffic shaping troubleshoot Clavister security gateway date: 09.06. June 10, price: 1495,-euro Clavister VPN training this course deals with the various virtual private network(VPN)-Techniken, which makes the Clavister security gateway available. In the course of the training, participants learn how the optimal structure of VPNs, as well as its management with the corresponding Clavister products. Course contents at a glance: installing and configuring VPNs in Clavister security gateway monitoring Clavister security gateway configure IPSec, L2TP, PPTP and GRE troubleshoot VPN tunnel date: 11.06, price: 750,-euro Clavister advanced routing training this course deals with policy-based routing and VRs as well as the setup of OSPF in Clavister security gateway.