Cleaning Of The Apartment – Believe The Price !

Price for cleaning depends on the size and complexity of work. For example, "blur of sex" – that is washing linoleum or tile, a large area may be minimal due to the use of floor cleaning machines, about 15 rubles per square meter. If the area is smaller and the use of floor cleaning machines is not possible, prices are rising at hand a blur of about 40 rubles per square meter of uncoated and 80 rubles a protective coating. Now proceed to clean the furniture and carpets, cleaning chairs, on average will cost about 100 rubles., cleaning chairs in the 1000 r, triple sofa about 2500 rubles. Cabinets and walls can fray, not only outside but inside that adds a small factor to the final cost. It may also slightly raise the price of having to move furniture from place to place and seizure-content downloading enclosures.

Carpet or carpet made of synthetics with the use of wet cleaning in the average price of 40 rubles, from natural fibers are twice as expensive. Just vacuum the carpet, whether natural or synthetic – 15 rubles per square meter. Polished parquet floors from 40 rubles or less depending on the area. Processing marble and granite floors separate conversation, but about: crystallization – $ 100., Grinding – 220r., Polishing – 85r. per square meter. Removal of the corners of the web, the elimination of unknown stains on the stove, cleaning baseboards, etc. – Necessary, but difficult tarifitsiruemye work also adds to the cost of cleaning per square meter.

Given all the above, were formed, the price for a single, general cleaning in Moscow and on average it is 155 rubles per square meter. Washing windows and blinds considered separately. Washing windows inside the apartment on the average 25 – 30 rubles a square meter. Prices for cleaning blinds – are twice the average 65 rubles sq.m. so as to wash have even manually even with the help of machines, from two sides. For example on a conventional window blinds to block house will be worth: the height multiplied by the length of the blinds – 2,1 m. x 1,7 m. = 3.57 multiply by 65r. per square meter, and two for the second side of the total, 464.1 the ruble, which with a reasonable discount as a result will be – 450 rubles. For example, count the general cleaning of a one-room apartments of 60 sq.m. with a car wash windows the old design. Washing floors in the kitchen, bathroom and a room of 60 sq.m. x 40 p. = 2400 rubles. Dry and Wet cleaning the walls and ceiling 36P. x 60 sq. m. P = 2160. Wet cleaning of furniture, cupboards and wiping the external surfaces + 16 p. sq.m. or 16 p. x 60 = 960 p. Wet cleaning batteries, window sills and slopes of 2 X 400r. P = 800. Dry sofa 3 places to 800r. P = 2400. Chair high = 1000, p. Sink plumbing with disinfectant, shower, floors, tiles in the bathroom 7 sq.m. x 160r. P = 1120. Washing of the two windows> of 7 sq.m. x 30 p. x 4 sides = 840r. Blinds 7kv.m. x = 65r 455r.