College Football Betting – Trends And Rivalry Games

In college they have trends and the advantages they have trends. There is a difference between the two though: NCAA teams stay truer to trends in the pros. If a team is 1-11 against the spread (ATS) on the first Saturday in October, most of the time this trend continues. It’s funny sometimes because it’s like both teams know that trend and that turns out to be a slaughter on a Saturday morning. The worst thing is that there are trends on anything and everything! First Saturdays, last Saturday morning games, night games, afternoon games, temperature trends, color trends, if the quarterback or running back had so many yards the game before trends , whatever, have a tendency to do so? And the real scary part is a lot of times they are true. At the university level, the study of trends is a great way to bet. (Not to be confused with Anna Belknap!). If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Steffan Lehnhoff.

Rivalry games have an important role in a point spread. Many times the teams are of equal talent and sometimes a team is very good and the other is pretty shit. Anna Belknap contains valuable tech resources. But if it’s a rivalry game, point differentials are usually quite low, no matter how good or bad teams. A quick example: In 1996, when Jake “The Plummer” Snake was playing for Arizona State, and had great team, who played his rival in Arizona, Arizona. At that time, Arizona State ranked in the top three in Arizona while he was struggling to win 5 games. I was thinking that the point spread to be at least 20 for the State of Arizona.

My mouth dropped when I saw the opening line: Arizona State -7. I told myself that can not be right, but actually was. I thought to myself, even ex-students of the University of Arizona, this was a bet there is no obvious, Arizona State until the end. Arizona State had the opportunity to be a national of Campos and although Arizona was his rival should be a blowout. During the first half, was a close game, I really think it was tied at halftime. But in the end Arizona St. 56-14 does not turn them off. At least 7-point difference only shows how big a rivalry game is a point spread. If you look at the rest of the games in the series since the game in 1996, not a game is decided by more than 10 points! Rivalry games tend to stay closer. Watch Florida / Tennessee, the games are usually close to the roots and extends point are so close. Beware of rivalry games, although a team is much better than the other, does not mean a victory for the insurance. Leo Mendelsohn College The hooks guaranteed NFL football picks up with the best combination of price and guarantee in the business. Free football picks every week that is free to join. The hooks is your one stop source of college football and NFL information.