Comfortable Homes

YuSoglasovanie redevelopment Everyone wants to have a comfortable home. During the construction of villas or cottage – even at the design stage – can be taken into account the wishes of each family member. Otherwise, the situation with urban apartments. The dream of every inhabitant metropolis apartment, arranged in all respects, seldom come true, as the architects have their own idea of the convenience and comfort of home. But citizens do not surrender. Self-painted on a piece of paper rough plan of redevelopment, not doubting the success of the enterprise. Inspired by his boundless imagination, they're going to move the walls, floors break, without hesitation, that invade the area, supervised by some authorized bodies.

Virtually any change in our plans you need a formal permission from the state courts. In other words, if you decided to just combine the toilet with the bathroom in one bathroom and for it is necessary to remove a single partition, in fact, is already considered transition plan with all the attendant legal consequences. The current "Regulations on the registration permit for the alteration and redevelopment of residential and non-residential premises in residential buildings ", the concepts of" improvement "and" redevelopment ". By alterations include the installation of domestic electric stoves instead of gas or a kitchen fire; Transfer electricity networks, heating, plumbing and gas appliances, new hardware and upgrading of toilets and bathrooms; mount not provided for builders of ventilation ducts, laying of new or replacement of existing Suction-and discharge devices and to install showers, Jacuzzi, washing machines increased power and other plumbing and appliances last generation.