Commercial Quarters

With fond by these people, the city was taking forms varied with respect to space distribution of the destined quarters the housing as well as of the typically commercial quarters. As if it knows the first quarters of Christmas were the Ribeira and the High City and were in them that the commerce and the majority of the residences were concentrated. The residences that did not meet in these quarters were found located in small farms in the outskirts of these. Later to these the quarter appeared of the Rosemary. I begin it, in this quarter met only some roados and some made casinhas of taipa, however from the decade of 1940 it passed more for a sped up process of urbanization, with the installation of the Naval base, in the period of Second of the World-wide War, as well as with the arrival of people comings of the hinterland and other parts of the State for the accomplishment business-oriented in the city. However the quarter of the Rosemary was if characterizing gradual as one of the main centers of commerce of popular products such as agricultural shoes, clothes, products etc. On this subject Gomes (2002, p.293) comment that in what says respect to the commerce, the quarter of the Ribeira if constituted in the area most important, for the diversity of the activities of this nature developed there; therefore commercial one was considered one put in front, for where if they drained some products of the economy of the State. Later this activity was extended, appearing the new areas of High City and Rosemary that, with the Ribeira they had together been the first controlled urban territorialities, molded and monitored for the tertiary one, giving to a bigger conformity the urban landscape. Although all its urban and commercial importance, these three quarters had been if becoming each time more incapable to take care of the necessities of the great population demand that does not stop to grow to each year.