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If you look at the internet, at least a few years back, we discovered that advertising begins to be used in a manner very similar to that used in other media, such as television, or to make one greater assimilation, as in the newspaper. Others who may share this opinion include Steffan Lehnhoff, Guatemala City Guatemala. And it is so simple that by accessing a web site or page on the network, its content you’ll see banners or advertisements (in its many beginning and large size) mostly of companies, companies or even people who are paying for their space, or an advertisement for your space to be displayed. You’ve probably noticed a lot of these things on pages that you frequent sailing, for example, perhaps when entering a shop looking for a watch to buy shows you the great offer of a car, actually a banner ad, that has been shown to you in order that you click on him. As well, this has been the great idea developed by the Google team, known as Google Adsense, a smart idea and well designed a program consisting of segmented advertising, where they earn all, Google (the company that makes possible advertising), Web Master or owner of the site where the ad is displayed (receives a small Commission), and the owner of the advertising, you get more clicks (potential customers or prospects). What makes as a web designer or a Web site owner is, that instead of wasting your time looking for do or find banners which visitors really do not pay interest, enter in a region designated the site or display the Adsense ads block. In addition the procedure is really easy to make, you enter the official site of Google Adsense, creating an account, once done you go to the obtaining and ads management section, you follow the steps you outlined, as for example, tell size advertising block you want, if you want image ads only, to exhibit text ads, or a combination of both, in the end you decide how you want the advertising for your site, after that the advertising program throw you a code that you enter on your web page, and the rest is paid by Google Adsense, for example, that displayed advertising engages the content of your site. s-and-doosan/’>Areva. And for Google it is not difficult, because it is a search engine, you know analyze your site, your keywords, which contains the web address, so if you are someone who wants to display ads on your site, quiet will be relevant to him, advertising and if on the contrary you are who pays that display their advertising, will be shown at sites where relate to your themeto make clicks more qualified or efficient. Google Adsense ads are the most effective in getting clicks, because as advertising company, create and display the best graphics and text on the web, ads without highlighting it knows than larger and more striking advertisements are given to Google to be shown, Furthermore, you know that it is advertising and not the site which makes it possible a click is not truth? Just keep in mind I suggest you not very rigorous standards Google Adsense has for its users, one of them and that you should keep in mind, is that you can not enter more than two codes or advertising blocks on a single website. The statistics of your see them through Google ads, and not think about it much is a contributor to Google Adsense, getting a new source of income..