The more you worry about developing concepts will be more prepared to act at the institutional level of the company. An administrator must know how to prepare an estimate of expenditures or sales forecasting, how to build a chart or flow chart, and read a balance sheet prepared as planning and production control, etc., as these skills are valuable to the administration, however the most important and critical question is how to use it and under what circumstances to apply them properly fact that, according as perceived performance, the manager. notice that has been neglected, that management is a significant player, is decisive in the conduct of business, the integration and management of working groups to ensure productivity, they are precisely the managers who should be leading the way, putting on plans, strategies, action to enable companies to operate efficiently. A good manager must have the ability to create, manage and develop non-business organizations and professional What the administration is suing the Venezuelan scene? must have a sound knowledge in all matters relating to the topics administrative management and modern, moving beyond the current trends of the modern world and link them to the labor market. Capability negotiation, dominating the business tools, capable of synthesis and monitoring the decisions taken. Attitude of teamwork, leadership that encourages participation, creativity, knowledge, motivation, ensuring a good performance, reflected in productivity, favorable results towards the objectives, targets set. strategist, visionary, who can seize opportunities, meet challenges and generate the changes, transformations to ensure successful operation and the company. .