Journalist and new technologies "In journalism, the unique vision will disappear, you must accept the existence of pluralism in the outlook." Dan Gillmor Stop and say that and start listening. Radios are very evangelistic, labor, alternative, community, commercial or intermediate. But the radios would be better stop talking and talking and start listening. If something has been democratized today with the use of new technologies is the universal right to say that time escuchar.a brings calm, but never forgotten. However, the new media scene forces us to forget, to leave behind the old formulas and fairly, are viejos comunicadoresa a the most resistant to change of blood. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Richard LeFrak. Today it is absurd to go back to the new sun. Al MediCT. A communication subversivaa a , the proposals that will go around the world and set the pace for change in the middle of cambio.a will have to declare the deep ignorance.

And undertake not to resist the road. Recognize that the visitor is forever and alter reality. That a new media world is home. Migrating to Podcast. In Shoutcast, Blogs, nanoblogs, as the Wiki collaborative writing.

The a Oeyo reportoa , YouTube. The "mashups", trackbacks, RSS and Wikinews, among others a only nuevos mundosa to pay back the voice and commitment to enabling people to a hablara freely, stop being spectators and are their own actors and the same line, we must be literate communicators on the new reality. Risk our necks with a daring proposal in terms of the construction of the sound.