Construction and the Environment

What should I do? Plug the flat sealed windows and install air conditioning? How will the ecology of the metropolis on their health and the health of children? The most reasonable solution would be to provide comprehensive information about the area in which the purchased apartment. It is not only price per square meter, proximity to downtown and the waterway communications, but also environmental factors that in various parts of metropolis is not the same. For example, choosing a residence, is guided by the blown winds of the Baltic areas and restricted areas of vehicular traffic. A really clean in terms of ecology and remain the satellite towns that are now growing rapidly in a leafy suburb of St. Petersburg.

According to the service of environmental control is the most prosperous situation in the Primorsky district of St. Petersburg. Winds bring clean air masses here, and the emissions are insignificant. However, industrial construction is still gaining momentum, and hence to make optimistic forecasts about its future environmental conditions early. Relatively clean air in the subway station Kupchino “,” clean ” remain areas facing the Gulf of Finland and the northern part of the Kalinin region. Expanded choice of areas of St. Petersburg with a supportive environment and due to suburban construction. Some suburbs legally is not included in the city limits, in fact, already are urban districts. Their residents enjoy all the benefits of citizens, including direct connection to the center, but they can easily open window. Separated from the ring road plantations new housing in Kudrovo promises to maintain an enviable to the northern capital of ecological purity. The advantage of such “suburban areas” in the fact that prices are still affordable than the administrative boundaries of the city. Even in a big city, in the thick of things, you can find a place where the air is clean. The main thing – so it and save it. Perhaps it was the inhabitants of the Russian regions, bringing in Petersburg is not only their dreams and plans, but also respect for nature, will make his new city cleaner.