Construction Waste

With our city growing more and more beautiful day by day, there is another problem plaguing us – the huge amount of construction waste is a serious impediment to the pace of urban development. As the environmental awareness is deeply rooted in the hearts of people, the simple and illegal dumping of construction waste landfill has been unable to meet the demand of social development. Therefore, finding a new way for the construction waste disposal has become a burning question.Using a variety of solid waste to produce wall materials has always been an effective way of comprehensive utilization of resources, which not only is in a relatively low cost, consuming a large amount of ash, but also is in high efficiency for the using of resources. In addition, with the social benefits created by the large-scale housing construction becoming increasingly significant, turning the waste into wealth is truly realized. Therefore, the development of new wall materials must adhere to maximize the use of all kinds of waste residue, producing a variety of wall products which can meet the functional requirements of environmental protection and construction. It is not only to necessary for the development of circular economy in China, but also the essential purpose of the new wall materials development.

In response to the national policy of the comprehensive utilization of national resources, the innovation of wall materials and the development of recycling economy, many domestic enterprises aimed at the special resources – mass of construction waste produced in the construction of cities, trying their best to achieve the recycling of construction waste. At present, as the leader of mining machinery industry, Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. introduced foreign advanced technology, designing and developing the construction waste disposal equipment – large scale mobile crusher, combination crusher and other crushing equipments. The crushing equipments produced by Hongxing Company have achieved the international advanced level and bring generous profits to the domestic construction waste disposal industry.