Costa Blanca

Here you will find a beautiful green promenade, many historical buildings, a huge number of attractions: the cathedrals, churches, beautiful harbor. In the mild climate of Alicante, which is also the key to a good rest. Pride of Alicante – clean sandy beaches with fine, golden sand and a very high level of service. Over the beaches of Alicante proudly development of a blue EU flag – an indicator of quality of service and excellent environment. During the summer, the city of Alicante with its international airport is a starting point for many tourists traveling on Costa Blanca, at the time, as in the winter tourists prefer other coastal cities such as Benidorm, Calpe, Denia. As any big city, Alicante has a developed infrastructure, transport links other cities in Spain, as well as a major seaport. Business is concentrated here Costa Blanca, the offices of many Spanish companies, including – real estate. If you want to buy real estate on the coast of Spain, and also start their own business or in the future to move here to live and work – a better place than Alicante, not found in all the Costa Blanca! Apartments in Alicante will cost you between $ 100 000 euros, but if you plan to purchase detached house – get ready to pay between 300 and 000.

Althea (ALTEA) Altea – a small resort town, located 10 miles north of Benidorm. The city's population – about 18 000 people (as of 2009). Altea – one of the few places in Spain has retained a special style fishing village of bygone days.