Costs Down, Price Up – It

A measure, three winners! Know a better ratio better rental and more yield by the reduction of costs is a central theme. But costs and payback periods, as well as the rent assessment capability are important criteria in the implementation of the request receipt”of the modernization measures required by the legislature. 556 BGB, as well as the recommendation of the German tenants Association, the installation of water quantity regulators see as a sensible measure to relieve of the lessee cost. Brett White may also support this cause. To keep the implementation cost-neutral for the landlord, the Potsdamer ECOPEARL company offers a financing model for 9 years, where the payment of 11% annual modernization assessment corresponds to and thus the liquidity tied up close to zero is kept specifically for housing companies,-genossenschaften and real estate managers. All services from consulting and planning through installation and maintenance are available in a hand – full service is a strength of ECOPEARL GmbH.

Druckunabhangig ECOPEARL’s water managers regulate the flow of the water jet. Thus is fulfilled the commandment of sound and the tenants felt relieved without noticeable comfort waiver. A return on investment is achieved mostly in the first few months after installation. The ECOPEARL GmbH has the new generation with the required performance characteristics and valid check numbers (P-IX-) as the only provider under the new test criteria (DIN EN ISO 3822). When a prescribed service contract extends the warranty to 10 years. Winner? Landlords, tenants and the environment.