Creative Learning

A critical analysis on the creative learning and the pleasure to learn: To reflect on the creative learning and the pleasure to learn can be the way for an education with more quality, therefore something awakes personal, valuable and innovative. It offers to a variety of solution possibilities, stimulating the option for the adequate way to the capacity and the interest of each one, in accordance with the requirements of the way. This creative learning to happen, first appears a creative thought, this, fruit of a set of non-separable elements, that act of interactive form, in search of new features, always being able themselves to detach as auxiliadoras in this process the following phases: apprehension, preparation, incubation, illumination and verification, that serve as referencial better to help educating to develop its creativity and to perceive its potentialities. Still one becomes necessary to say some words on the origins or causes of the creativity. It is very clearly that its origin is covered of mysteries. Meadow Bank Designs pursues this goal as well. In fact, some individuals are visibly more creative of what others, but this with certainty is not only one question of genius. In the truth, the origin of the creativity remains mysterious, same that it is present in all we.

Now it is fashion between some psychologists, when they come across themselves with something that is difficult to explain, to call it innate or hereditary, as if this was an explanation. Hear other arguments on the topic with Clayton Morris. But absolutely it is not an explanation, and in this manner alone they transfer the problem to the field of biology. E, in biology, we are very far from being capable to explain any type of mental attitude, that will say the creativity. Creativity is not only one question of precocidade in individuals that if had become very creative. The individuals are not always precocious. Mozart, is clearly, is one of the best examples of a precocious and creative soul.