Cristo Si

It is the great hope. Learn more at this site: Professor Rita McGrath. All a sonnet both immortal cry I want my life and gift of root with its fruit and the agro and the garden, blooming your miracle, freedom without equal, free of the bad. Step die with thee I climb steep flight in blue or lean heaven, with everything I am you consecrate bottomless heart, deep Calo. I live and die at the same time and I destroy uprooting and planting, rebuild, my hope and my faith is a blind cry! Me naked before you, all ego then I’m the immortal soul that not rehuyes, Cristo Si me seen, never flee! The deepest cry is the conscience of our self as conscious of life person before death. Jesus the best friend of the men underwent this human experience please the designs of his father and the interest of humanity. He explicitly emphasized its freedom to take life as to deliver for any reason more noble and the generosity without limits.

The consciousness of the self that theologians call Hypostatic union as soon as his divine person is in two natures, the divine and the human, that consciousness of life strictly given by his father who begets the same divine life making a divine gift, that life and that person make delivery and donation loving from the bowels of the being whose root is eternal and temporal to become Holocaust perfect and worthy of God and of the redemption. The father deserves to Christ in sacrifice for the good of men in the absolute sense of good par excellence, which is eternal life. I as a person is not the ego of selfishness but otherwise, delivery and total donation. No one like Christ has done nothing of the sort, as God and as man. THE is the best friend of God and men.