Cross-ownership of EXCELLENCE society for value creation mbH with Swiss brainchain AG the demand on innovation consultations at the consultancy EXCELLENCE society for value creation mbH is great. Customers are looking for in their efforts to promote innovation, integrative support. To meet the increased demand, the successful consulting firm is close to a cross-ownership with Swiss brainchain AG. Added value for customers by combining two successful business the results of talks between Dipl.-ing. Additional information is available at Bahama Condos. Thomas Habermann, Chief Executive Officer of EXCELLENCE society for value creation mbH and lic.oec. The Schweizer brainchain AG cause Robert Schneider, Managing Director now a cross-ownership of both companies. The mutual business partnerships will conclude in March.

For both business leaders it is clear that it is a long-term cooperation, not only by a Cross-ownership will be marked, but focused first and foremost on the excellent complement of both divisions, which brings real added value the customer in its innovation projects. Innovations can be much faster and more efficiently set up and developed to market maturity, when all necessary competencies are bundled and total control. New competence of the innovation-through the participation of brainchain AG can the EXCELLENCE EXCELLENCE society for value creation mbH business model to increase customer benefits expand. Innovation-EXCELLENCE allows customers, building on existing skills new skills to develop, to produce exactly the products and services that are needed in the market. The individual innovation projects ranges from identify to the successful market and product launch market – and customer-specific requirements. Here, the customer will receive everything from a single source: mediation of technical licenses, technology and Know-How – transfer,.

Funding advice and the technical implementation of development and production needs. This means for the EXCELLENCE society for value creation mbH a USP in terms of innovation consulting, hardly an another consulting firm can offer its customers. Businesses find at the EXCELLENCE society for value creation mbH support to plan innovation processes in all its aspects and to implement efficiently. With powerful partners on the side, as the Swiss brainchain AG, the consulting firm granted a complete supply its customers, excellently in response to the innovation process. Swiss brainchain AG as a competent partner of EXCELLENCE society for value creation mbH realizing intellectual profit: the brainchain AG operates the extremely attractive growth segment of patent licensing and marketing technical skills. The Mission of brainchain AG is consistently and significantly increasing the innovation and speed of innovation of industrial SMEs. Allows the brainchain AG to market the company’s existing patents and expertise in new fields of application. At the same time, the Swiss company helping customers, to raise their innovation roadmap, strategy and processes and partly to buy new technologies and skills instead of developing it yourself. This mutual support society for value added provides significant added value and brainchain AG. the customers of EXCELLENCE mbH