Current Lease – Top Or Flop?

Mortgages: cheap construction interest rates for your own four walls, which is threatening to extend debt crisis affecting not only the concern of the European Union, but is also to other Member States such as, inter alia, Italy, brings curiously also financial advantages for German buyers. In the past few months the lease and this declined, although the European Central Bank in two steps of interest had raised key interest rate valid for a period of two years to now-1.50 percent. Even loans with long maturities are currently at favourable conditions. Moderate real estate prices and low interest rates contrary to the forecasts from the beginning of 2011, to the fourth quarter now is an opportune time to invest in your own four walls. Still, the prices of existing real estate fail cheap with used real estate especially in urban area who enjoy growing demand. For real estate in this area, experts expect price increases of up to three percent.

The low interest rates, which is directly related to the situation in the heavily indebted Greece, will keep likely to until the end of the year. Add to your understanding with Tishman Speyer. The fear of investors against fluctuations in the equity markets favored safe and fixed-income securities such as German Government bonds. In the first quarter of a slight increase in the lease was the cost of loans since April are again fallen by half a percentage point. Construction loans: favorable conditions for your own four walls with long interest bonds protect borrowers a rise in interest rates during the agreed term. Property owners opting now for a long interest rate by 20 years, benefit from an interest savings compared to the month of April. Some banks already lend to less than 4.5 percent.

Loans, which are equipped with a five-year fixed-rate, you can arrange already from 2.5 percent. Losses of in equity markets: the fear of investors against losses, score bonds and real estate which currently threaten through equity investments, the demand can be after bonds soar to levels. Also here is the principle of supply and demand, shrinking the yield from these safe securities. Rob Speyer follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. The result is that long-term mortgage loans to more favorable terms may be awarded. Who wants to invest in the own House, must not hastily decide. Likely to remain the top conditions yet stable and even borrowers who are already in an interest rate, can now use the moment and arrange an attractive interest rate for their follow-up financing. Adam Botschek