Day-to-Day Lives

Our lives are so versatile and exciting, which sometimes looks like a natural anomaly. So rapidly evolving and exciting you unceremoniously captured everyday circumstances, it reminds me of a whirlpool of which you just can not escape. Mighty stream daily events at times so we take, how cavalier the stream, carrying away fallen leaf on the stream, and we do not notice the flies by the day. And we did not manage to taste all the delights of the day. Why is this happening, why we are in a hurry to live, we are always somewhere to run, we think that's a little more then a little bit more and more, day after day.

We ourselves, or we run a dynamic life compels us to live quickly. But every day we turn into this stream faster and faster. World progress and development dictates its own rules, so it was down from generation to generation, to live with dignity, we must take these rules. Yes, you can not stand, you need to move forward with the times, because the movement is developing, self-improvement. And sometimes we are so passionate about different circumstances, routine work, everyday household chores, and so on that simply forget to live. But be that as it was not, in itself, we understand that it is wrong, we live has given us precious time not noticing it. And as if to wake up from this, to stand up and scream "Stop!".

I live, I want to enjoy it, to remember every moment of your life and taste all its joys. But without even noticing, we still run around every day in the life whirlpool. Saying to themselves, may be tomorrow, today I have so many cases, better the next week, just have time to finish all his work. And thus we do things we love our generation "self-deception." But time is running out, hands constantly running, and nothing can be changed as can not enter into the same water twice. And so you do not want to awareness of lost time and wasted life lived for us it's too late. Maybe that's why right now is to start making every day a small time outs. Just stop take a deep breath, look around, warm up rays of the sun and enjoy the moment. After all, life is so beautiful and amazing, do not let the "swirl" to pass it by you.