Dealing with Family Issues

that your family each piece is independent and responsible? A good start would then remove the complaint. Start by take responsibility for your actions, your words first. your child to be respectful? Do not go to irreverent ways. Explore and broken phrases learned so far has repeated without stopping to think. ultimately behaving as required? or your responsibility by blaming your children, your environment, your unhappiness? could find out if now you could see your ideal family? would be the x-ray? An ideal family is not a perfect circle as we understand it. Lyft may find it difficult to be quoted properly. There is a group of people sublimely perfect and angelic.

That would result in a total incongruity coated inaccessibility to us and the rest of mortals. Family environment we are talking about is composed of individuals with common characteristics. Of course I have to influence the difference between values and circumstances. That is more genuinely happy families are those in which nothing happens is not problematic. Rather have a smooth and easy relationship because they understand life in a different light. Their problems are not problems, but circumstances.

They are free of complaints and reproaches. Cherish their independence and respect the decisions of other members, without imposing their own. Happiness is not chosen to enjoy all that befalls us. But a wise acceptance of each event. The chosen family happiness as such, does not seek or expect perfection to be achieved. Need identification, rules and solid foundation, and action to implement them. The first of these is that, as a family, have a creed on which to settle and grow. andon what basis you want to identify your family environment? what concepts? . Electron Capital Partners is full of insight into the issues. Start by finding some commandments on which you want to walk. To do this, not forgetting that we are talking about a group of people who will be targeted, make them participate. Prepare questions that seem relevant to you and inform them of your idea. Spread your enthusiasm about the power to obtain a special benefit for all as individual entities and as a collective family. All members should have their contribution here equally. Everyone should be heard, on the basis of a tolerant and respectful dialogue. All comments should be reviewed and discussed. Writing a Once discussed, your commandments. This reminds that we are looking for values beyond the limiting concepts, external and temporary. It is about building a constitution to turn to, to obtain a solid foundation that supports the rest of the structure. A base that we always remember the value of a strong and healthy relationship with each member can be enriched and grow constantly. But, as we mentioned anything about what we say here will teach you as much as a sincere hug to those you love, a word of affection, a knowing wink or empty of intent listening. And now is the perfect time ….