If one is in the process to decorate its house, if it is going to buy furniture to make a change absolute and if in addition is loving of the nature is something surely is going it to like: to make a decoration alive. The alive decoration talks about to the idea of the use of flowers and plants to grant to him to the diverse rooms of the house, color and vivacity. For many years the beneficial effect has been clear that the plants give so much to aesthetic level as psychological. The presence of flowers or plants in a room makes the atmosphere much more pleasant and at the same time they provide tranquillity and they cause that stress is reduced. Other benefits are: the reduction of the carbon dioxide levels and the increase of the humidity in the atmosphere. They manage in addition to diminish the amount of dust in a house in a 20%. And to top it all also they reduce some injurious gases like nitrogen dioxide.

To choose plants and flowers that combine with the style and color of their furniture will not be a problem since the varieties are many that exist. To which if it must render to him attention is a details like the conditions of humidity of the room and the conditions of light of the same. If it wants to place a plant in a space that receives little light the best among others possible options they are: Sanseviera, Caladio, Calanchoe, Calatea, Fern. No matter how hard one is attemped by his beauty it does not acquire tropical plants if it is not certainly the room has necessary the environmental humidity like so that this it is developed suitably. In case it is a dry room the best options are: Mamilaria, Opuntia and Echeveria, although clear that there are more alternatives. In case it selects a plant with flowers, he is not advisable uses that it like table center because when having to move it on a daily basis to put the table, it will spoil. It has considered to work his own flowers? What so to have its own garden in house? There is no better therapy than to take care of of his own garden after one long day of work. The fact to prepare the Earth, to take care of of its flowers, to give them, causes that it is transformed into an excellent hobby to lower the tension that generates the work daily.

The options to cultivate are many and the best thing is than it begins with a few since soon it will be able to extend his garden as it is perfected. It remembers that to buy the furniture for different atmospheres it does not have to be a tedious task. At present the sale of furniture has been made much more simple if it is considered that they are possible to be acquired from the comfort of the home, thanks to Internet and also to excellent prices in outlets of furniture. Surely it will find those more advisable and than along with its plants and flowers they will make of its home a space of tranquillity and harmony. A perfect place to only enjoy or in company. The company Muebles Asdara is a company of design and manufacture of furniture, specialized in folding beds to furnish its youthful rooms.