Decorative Plants

Long grow in my garden bindweed, or a beautiful day. The seeds of the one-year climbing plant sown in early spring at the edges of the tracks, near the house, household extensions in loosened soil. Over the summer, climb quickly growing, green paintings are produced with numerous blue or blue funnel-shaped flowers. Highly branched stems, in some places completely cover the tracks, sorry then walk on them, trample on the living shoots. Now on bindweed at 40 cm strengthen the lungs lattice frame (size 100×50 cm), made of wooden planks. Shoots grow back cling to them, and then gradually encircle and cover the entire lattice, with the edges tastefully sveshivayas: original blue cloth obtained from the flowers. Grilles can be installed along the tracks as you like. Usually, I planted morning-glory and cloves Chabot turn: a strip of land with 1 m otvozhu under bindweed, then 0.5 m – a carnation, etc.

Blooming pink bindweed between looks very impressive, though it blooms a little later than him. So instead I take occasionally tsinniyu, gillyflower, Iberis (Stennikov) and other annuals. Track at the same time remain free to passage. – Bindweed shoots not grow on the ground. Bindweed is very unpretentious, grows well in any soil in sun and half-shaded positions, free-flowering and fruiting.

Convolvulus flowers are revealed only in clear weather, in front of bad weather shut down and serve as a barometer. Plant watering, if the land is dry and fertilize occasionally mullein. When digging the soil'm doing a little manure. Seeds collected in autumn, ripe boxes themselves do not crack that allows you to fully harvest the seeds. Modest, but elegant bindweed (there are different varieties of Kolerov) can be used as a curb plant in parks, gardens, the device small tapestries, jewelry and balconies. How to grow other wonderful rassteniya You can follow any found on the site