Furniture are objects located in local housing and offices, which facilitate our daily serving as support or containers for other objects work. Based on the work for which they are intended they pre-selection in the different rooms of the House, then referring to the furniture of kitchen, living room, bathroom, bedroom, etc. There are plenty of furniture of the most varied shapes, colors and functions, among which are the most common: cabinets, tables, chairs, shelves, beds, and others. The LeFrak Organization might disagree with that approach. About the materials used for its construction, these have evolved considerably throughout history, although it has always emphasized the wood as the main material. Nowadays you can find lots of furniture developed based on plastics and derivatives.

Bedroom furniture a major point of home and decoration of furniture at the same leverage is, without doubt, its use in the bedroom. In rooms there is a classic group of virtually inevitable furniture: bed, table night and the wardrobe, suitable for clothing and accessories. In certain cases it can reach incorporate a desktop, such as working, study area or to place a computer. Without any doubt, the visual Center of the bedroom is the bed, always placing it so that on space to locate other furniture and to move freely in the atmosphere. To the side of the bed, of course, not you can skip is the night table, that if it’s a bedroom must have in dupla, one each side of the bed. As for the desktop, it is advisable to locate it near the window to gain natural light, while any monitors must always be located back to the window, to prevent any inconvenience that may cause the brightness of the Sun. In those environments more spacious, may locate other complementary, such as libraries, comfortable or armchairs furniture.