Divorce Costs

So you really can prepare the divorce cost on the unfortunate situation of the divorce process consist of court and lawyer fees. The value is based on both cost shares of the divorce. Although there are fees tables, about the divorce costs to calculate relatively accurately via online calculator. But you must not ignore that lawyers do not in any case require the full fee and do the courts in determining the dispute quite different. Court costs for the court process will be the net income and the assets of the marriage partners and mutual obligations are stated.

Net income are each multiplied by 3. The total income of both partners then forms the value of the dispute. The spouse earned 1,500 euros, 2,000 and the wife the value is 10,500 euro. The child is to be added. Then ask for it but not every dish. It’s the same with educational or parental allowance. With benefits like for example Hartz does not IV. The divorce is Usually free for the person concerned.

The aid granted by the Court takes over then the Attorney’s fees. Dispute value increasing a wealth effect. That is inquired in detail but also by the courts in each case. But by lawyers that is already obtained. The legal situation with regard to assets taking into account when the court fee is not clear and is handled differently by individual courts. It counts only the assets, i.e. assets minus liabilities. A house worth 250,000 euros, which is loaded with 200,000 mortgage, represents, for example, assets worth 50,000 euros. From all these values also bank balances, deposits, institution, more valuable vehicles, collections and other must be balanced with five percent value of the dispute. Sometimes spouses and 7,500 euros per child give up to approx. 15,000 euro per exemption dishes. For this reason, a home furnishings is generally neglected.