Dnepropetrovsk Construction

When we walk down the street, we usually look at his feet. Lest he fall. Not to get his foot in a hole or crack in the pavement. In order not to break his head or the other, and for whom the more important parts of the body. In this case we rarely comes to mind look up.

And from there we are facing is no less dangerous. No, the birds are not counted – there's something more serious. I'll admit, not the habit of looking up at the roofs of our houses. My attention was drawn to them, an old friend, known to This master of fireplaces and stoves, Igor Kalashnikov. He just drove me around town and showed our chimneys. And I confess, I fell into a feeling of light, but perceptible shock. If it happens at night when people sleep, they just poison gas.

And not only people but all the animals, up to aquarium fish The man poisoned by carbon monoxide, a green face. Even the mortuary staff can not cope with it. It is unlikely that it would be buried in an open coffin. " And most, perhaps the worst. Dozens of flues and ventilation ducts in urban homes are built of silica brick. Here's the new elite living block in Komsomolskaya – two ventkanala of silica brick. New house on Ispolkomovskoy – In the yard gorgaza! – Same story. "In none of sanitary norms and rules you've read that chimneys or vents may be constructed of silica brick.