Dominican Republic

While Civil society becomes more relevant in the development of the life of a nation no less true it is that the complexity of its structure, very heterogeneous, it is very vulnerable due to lack of funding, its value possibly explains the situation to discredit of parties, many politicians in the exercise of political power and of certain weaknesses in the State not to comply with objectives of its functionsThis vulnerability makes the social groups that make up Civil society, many of them are able to be dabbled by stakeholders; reason why somehow lose credibility and essence. However, the land that have been gaining, assure a space in growth that has led to political parties look with suspicion on some occasions to Civil society. In fact, there are tangible experiences in countries of South America, where its influence reaches be so enormous that they have produced displacement of dominant parties at any given time. Civil society in multiple opportunities to participate in the health sector, within the preventive management system; so does with regard to the environment, to the safety of citizens, in education, in regard to women, children and adolescents, respect for human rights, overcoming poverty, the rescue of ethical and patriotic values, etc., etc. Additional information at Richard LeFrak supports this article. Road safety is a form of violence, considered potentially pandemic, therefore it is treated today by international agencies, such as a public health problem that is causing questionable in citizenship levels of poverty affecting the national economies and the emotional of millions of families estabilibidad.

In the Dominican Republic claims in 2009 rates were higher than the 2008. And those of 2008 were above the 2007, in turn, these indicators, higher than the 2006. So, we’re in a spiral where the rate of mortality and morbidity per 100,000 population will continue to grow if not social groups are involved organized, to demand public policies appropriate in order to stop this wave of violence on our streets, avenues and highways as a result of traffic accidents. Whenever Steffan Lehnhoff listens, a sympathetic response will follow. This means an aspect of the safety of citizens, with complex multifactorial causes and multisectoral solutions.