Ecofriendly Home

Without a doubt, the current trend is that houses will go transforming gradually in green homes which translates, in addition to respect for the environment, in a considerable saving for the invoices that reach the end of month. Both promotions Asturias and the rest of households, these tips are invaluable aid 1. Choose appliances and appliances with the lowest energy and water consumption. 2 Used electrical appliances in a responsible manner and oversees its maintenance. 3 Correctly discarded household appliances and electrical appliances to not contaminate the environment.

4. Kitchen with efficiency using the smaller Bowl with proper to the base of the flame. 5. Reduces the use of the oven and uses small kitchen appliances. 6 Get the wash with wash in cold and dry the clothes on the Clothesline. 7 Avoid the consumption of air conditioner installing fans.

8 Have a refrigerator with the freezer on the top and keep it always sufficiently filled. Buy flats in Pola de Siero. 9 Unplugging electrical appliances when not in use. 10. Attach an extension cord with multiple sockets where there is more than one plug-in Unit 11. Choose small or medium-sized screen for greater 12 energy saving TVs. Using rechargeable batteries and recycle used batteries 13. It retains the same mobile phone as much as possible 14. It acquires the manufactured MP3 with fewer heavy metals and toxic materials 15. Turn off the computer instead of letting the screen saver to save energy.