Ecologically Clean Area

Alekseevo village is in the Eastern part of Moscow region in Pavlovsky Posad. Alekseevo removed from the Moscow ring road for 48 miles. Aekseevo located on the border of Pavlovsky Posad district and Noginsk region (bordering with the village Timkovo). At 10 kilometers from the town is situated Alekseevo Elektrogorsk. From Noginsk Alekseevo located 25 kilometers away. The village is very clean and fresh air. Around the forest in which grow: oaks, pines, spruce, ash, willow, maple, ash, birch, on the edges of forests can be found chestnuts. Summer in the woods a lot of birds: tits, woodpeckers, cuckoos, jays, orioles, wagtails, magpies.

The animals live in the forests only proteins. Also in summer Alekseevo start growing mushrooms: boletus, aspen, white , butter mushrooms, wild mushrooms, chanterelles, , russula, mushrooms black and white, , green linnet. Of berries in the woods grow: raspberry, blueberry, blackberry, stone berry. From transport to the village Aleseevo walk 1. Bus 36 Noginsk-Alekseev.

Bus runs every hour. 2. Minibus 36 Noginsk-Alekseev. Once per hour. 3. Express 386 Moscow-Elektrogorsk-Alekseev. Three flights a day and only during the summer. In the village only one store – Products. In summer in the C / T Lugovina running grocery tent. Alekseevo village is ecologically clean area. Buy a plot or a villa in the area – that means buy health!