Edson Arantes

Skin leaves to have appeals it popular hero and example to become a mark, one symbol: ' ' In the ground of the empobrecidas expectations, more fertilizado by promises and hopes, he is not prvavel that the heroic patriotism blossoms; but as it has happened in the age of the small professionals, the not necessary State more than heroes. The satisfied, busy consumers in taking care of of its particular interests, are going obrigado&#039 well; ' (BAUMAN, 2007, P. 63) All the processes that we saw (to blunt it of the celebrity) culminate at this current time, where the concern biggest is with the individuality, supported for the ownership, for corporeal property. Who has more can more, conquered more, is more. Leaving of side the conquests one comings ' ' talent natural' ' (or one dom) either it imagination, the esportiva ability, the capacity to move etc.

Retaking the participation and evolution of Skin miditicos half atravz: in the start periodical, later magazines, radio, television and cinema we have that: ' ' The celebrity in the society contemporary is accessible atravz of sites in the Internet, biographies, interviews in periodicals, profiles in the television, sets of documents transmitted for radio and filmed biographies. Truthful I am a small farm of perpetual hollowing pblica.' ' (ROJEK, 2006, P. 22) truthful I of Skin am Edson Arantes of the Birth, however the image of Skin is not explored. In the cine-biography of Skin, this hollowing of the personal life of Edson Arantes was possible, however the director opted to the vision of Skin ' ' The champion, the hero, dolo, the myth. The predestined one. The athlete of sculo.' ' (stretch of the film). The film of the deriving a Skin one dom of a predestination, that is characterized as a proper and natural talent of Skin: ' ' Subjective descriptions of celebrity grasp it the supposed singularity of personal characteristics.