Efficient Apartment Repair

Anyone who dares to repair the apartment, does not apply to the dilemma is the choice of the artist. Find a team of workers who make repairs too expensive to apply to a firm or an apartment to make repairs on their own? All these possibilities have their advantages and disadvantages. Repair their own hands – this is the most expensive option, and if you're seriously strapped for cash, it can often be generally the only option. Moreover, if it is a small cosmetic repairs – replacing wallpaper, paint the ceiling or floor, put new baseboards – it's actually possible to do yourself. But with a more serious repair is not prepared by an expert can not cope – You can not own to replace the windows and doors, replace the plumbing and wiring, to align the wall or suspended ceiling. In this case, you need to contact the experts.

The main advantage of working teams – A low cost service in comparison with the brand. But on the other side – and a much greater risk: the foreman is unlikely to sign a contract with you and approve final estimate. In the case of negligence of workers, failure to commitments, missed deadlines – you will not have any instrument of pressure, except financial, and many teams require a significant deposit. So this option is available only if you are absolutely sure decency foreman and workers, and you have some good advice from close friends. The third option – the most expensive but most reliable. Companies sign agreement – in which case you're holding will be registered document and budgeting. The contract is usually negotiated deadlines, so that the company is unprofitable will pull for repairs and for something to deceive you. Although even in the case of firms engaged in repair of apartments – Be vigilant, pay attention to the recommendations of the site, the latest update. Meet on construction forums, ask around friends – and only then choose a contractor.

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