Egyptian Pharaohs

However, the new materials could not completely replace the tree – a soft, accessible and 'live' material – even the great pyramids of Egyptian Pharaohs along with the stone figures of gods sometimes are, and wood. Wood is less durable, so that from ancient times until we reach a description that gave each other and which portrayed the gifts of the gods of our ancestors. C the advent of the great discoveries of Europeans rushed to find new lands and explore the world. From distant wanderings in large quantities were brought as souvenirs different things distant tribes and peoples – household items utensils (spoons, cups, vases, pitchers), weapons (spears, bows, arrows, shields), religious attributes (masks, wands, figurines of gods and demons), etc. This tradition is preserved and still – witness the recent craze ethnic sculptures from exotic woods and ritual masks of African and South American tribes. In the Renaissance, complicates all, including gifts made of wood – they became more sophisticated, decorated with exquisite intricate carvings, came into fashion inlay, marquetry and all kinds of mosaic.

Technology is widely applied – from pocket snuff and pipes to commodes, cabinets, other furniture and parquet. But all this was common among the wealthy classes and the court. And in the villages and settlements remained all still – the people lived in poverty, the most accessible material left tree. Wooden toys, and many household items (mostly kitchen utensils and furniture) are traditionally made of wood, because it was relatively easy, and certainly cheap. In Russia the most popular toys (excluding dolls of straw) was figurine of a horse.

The modern image of it can still be found in the form of horses, ropes and swings in a horse on the playgrounds. With the advent of the xxi century in the world of wooden souvenirs in fact nothing has changed – people driven from holidays and Travel figurines and masks made of wood, the lovers are presented with carved boxes, mirrors and photo frames. Still exists and souvenir 'elite' – vip gifts and business gifts – works of art that language does not turn to call just a job or products – ashtrays and boxes of rare trees, a huge sculpture from whole tree trunks, exclusive furniture of the highest quality and much more. In conclusion I would like to say that until the trees grow and people live – gifts and souvenirs from this warm and lively material will be made, presented to loved ones, friends, colleagues and imported from overseas travels.