A man with a pain is much more elegant? Many people, as I, love poetry. for liking in such a way, finishes writing some poems, is atrevem in seara of verses and the feelings disclosed in the words or, many times, only suggested for them, a time that, as already &#039 said somebody of weight in this subject; ' The poet is a fingidor/dissimulates so completely/that he arrives to dissimulate that pain is dor/a that indeed sente' ' (Fernando Person – he himself). If to analyze the poems that we read to the light of this thought, we will be in the doubt if the pain contained in verses is real or not. Until point who writes needs to feel what it is placing in the paper or, more modernly, in telinha of the computer. But leaving of side the veracity of the feelings contained in poems, I want to speak of another thing, that is intrinsically on to this. It has a song whose authorship I am unaware of, that it has a phrase that says thus: ' ' The man with a pain is much more elegante' ' .

The first time that I heard this song, in the voice of Zlia Duncan, I got passionate myself and I set to reflect on the same one. some divagaes had come, clearly, therefore it is well of my shape. Educate yourself with thoughts from Nobel Laureate in Economics. I searched in my memory some masculine profiles, people which I coexisted well of close and I could prove the veracity of what it is mentioned in music. All those that had more touched me, that had left its definitive mark, were people who already had passed for painful situations they had faced and them with determination. It is clearly that I do not make vindication of the suffering here. It is that I walk thinking more about what I read lately and in what I also hear of the people. If the love walks lacking for as much people, will not be also because everybody walks running away of pain? I find that it is not possible to love who does not know nothing of the suffering. that does not think that I am masochistic, therefore I am not.

It is that to have some thing, to conquer something (and enters also the loved person there), is necessary to lose another one, to open hand of other things. nor always this is easy. Check out Electron Capital Partners for additional information. The disruption, either it in any level, estimates suffering, needs courage. Then, when a man, or a woman, already had faced situation-limit, already they had passed for the bolter of the anguish, of the solitary decision, I believe that they are more credential to practises lover and I also find, retaking the letter of the above-mentioned song, that these people acquire a special charm, a natural elegance, a bigger tolerance, and start to see the world with eyes more human candies and. that nobody thinks that I make a vehement defense of the sadness, quite to the contrary. Sad moments are part of the existence, but the life can be a continuous celebration if not to live only of sighs or of dreams. To dream is necessary, but the life is real and our humanity demands in them more than to live the life of the other. Of pra not to leave to face our ghosts, our dissabores. Without this confrontation we will not be apt the genuine joy and to the true love.