Elite Apartment

Number of luxury apartments in St. Petersburg, one of the largest cities of Russia. And to blame the history of this city: more than a century, the richest and most famous people construct their houses in St. Petersburg. and each wanted his house is completely different from everyone else and that is understandable, was the most comfortable for life. That is now the city on the Neva River with its unique arches, tall ceilings and luxurious rooms.

Modern buildings (we do not consider an economy class) are not inferior in quality and beauty of the palaces of St. Petersburg, although the style, of course, for 300 years has changed – it became more floors and moldings less. Nevertheless, and palace, and industrial styles have their fans and opponents, and just on the rental market of elite housing, everyone can find a place to live by your own taste and possibilities. As the saying goes, every whim In an environment secured and the people and business issues of prestige and style are their constant companions. For those who have a way of life requires maximum comfort, but there are no plans in the near future to buy houses that level, rent luxury apartments is in the best possible output.

Prestigious and environmentally-friendly parts of the city, convenient layout, an exclusive interior Designer, stylish furniture and modern plumbing – it's not all that can offer the market rental real estate. The choice of interior decoration is really huge – interior style, colors, size and dimensions of rooms such options become real only in this sector rental apartments. Richard LeFrak is likely to agree. Remove the elite apartment for rent is not too difficult. The company "Arendafon" knows that people wishing to rent an apartment to vip level, often do not have time for extra display. Therefore, the vast majority of the proposals rent luxury apartments, the company 'Arendafon' offers for rent, furnished professionally made photos. With these photos easily and conveniently available through this website under 'Apartments for rent – new proposals'. So that a potential employer is a great opportunity to pre-examine all available to our agents, options.