Entrepreneurs and Restoration Businesses

Can you ride a restoration business for 20% of your investment?. The answer is yes. How?. Investors going to Atlanta, the investment group that specializes in catering franchises that brings expertise in the field of franchising and its muscle investor to help all those interested in opening a catering business format franchise. And all this without cheating or cardboard. “There is no fine print on our proposal. Quite the contrary. Atlanta Investment is transparent and offers a unique and innovative model of investment whereby the franchisee receives very valuable these days: security, tranquility and vision,” explains Roberto Palencia, its CEO.

But how is this possible?. Simple: Investment Atlanta is seeking candidates interested in the hospitality sector, who wish to set up a franchise of the same but, because of economic circumstances, are unable or do not want to face all of the required investment. “Once we find both parties become partners for each of the premises, “he adds. The Best Deal’s how it works basically the agreement of both parties: – Atlanta Investment provides a majority stake of up to 80% of the investment and real estate knowledge, and therefore their participation in society will be in line, but will not directly manage, but their role is mainly an investor. – As a partner puts sutrabajo, local management and between 20% and 50% maximum, assuming the local address and receive a fixed monthly payment for it.

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