Federal Republic

Why you now should build a House when reason gave respondents indicating that the value increase by interest of own funds in the form of shares, funds and fixed-term deposits is barely noticeable. Therefore, investors are looking for new savings opportunities. A major point of discussion is to use the own real estate as retirement savings. The pension in the form of a real estate save if a property is the right way to retirement, appears to be opaque at first glance and connected to all only fictitious harassment. However, you can hold when a closer consideration of the necessary conditions and circumstances, that a gradual approach according to the current rules of the financial market a real estate as retirement plans can make perfect sense. There is now an indisputable fact that alone the pension paid by the State is no longer sufficient for the life in retirement. Based on the demographic development in the Federal Republic of Germany, higher costs in the form of contribution payments are future on the professionals come to to continue to support at least the pension insurance. Own real estate is considered most important form of pensions currently.

Should the real estate already be paid off until the retirement age in full, it is not affected by the fluctuations of inflation and therefore represents a sound investment. The positive side-effect, which goes hand in hand with an own real estate in the age, is saving by rental payments. It only costs of housing and maintenance must be included regularly. Therefore, you should necessarily think about the construction of a prefab or Massivhaus. Find the right real estate for retirement financial expert of unanimous opinion is the location of the property the most important criterion for the search. As a result, a no less important role is assigned to the facilities and the resale value.