Flats Without Intermediaries

Many of us have ever lodging. In this article we will discuss the fine points and bad points of these procedures. If you are going to rent an apartment or a room, you probably think, and how best to just do it. There are several options. The first of these appeal to the real estate agency. However, in this case, be prepared to pay a good amount for their services. And if you offer to do everything for the 'penny', the guard, but in any case, carefully reread the lease. Renting your property, you know that you can become a victim of fraud.

There are two ways of cheating. First, your apartment can be re- lease. That is the first tenant will receive the money, which, in principle, designed for you. Second, your apartment can be sold. Unfortunately, these cases really are. This is all done through the falsification of documents. Leaving, for example, for a few months, you may lose your house.

Return it will be possible, but only through the courts, and it will take time. If you want to rent an apartment to rent, you probably wondered how best to find a place to live. There also exist several methods. The most reliable of them – renting an apartment with his friend. You will not risk being cheated. In the case of friends there, then you can contact real estate agency. But then you have to pay good money for their services. The third way – to find it yourself ad in newspapers or the Internet to surrender the apartment or room to rent. It is good that you will not pay money for someone else's service, that is, working without mediators. But even here we must be careful. Since there have been instances when surrendered apartment, previously filmed in rent for a few days. That is, the real owners of the parish you have to move out because you do not have rented an apartment owners, and a scam. In conclusion, I wish you would not become victims of fraud. But at the same time, be careful and ask for various documents and be sure to enclose contracts.