Florida Street

In addition it has the most complete library of the country. + Avenue 9 of Julio the widest avenue of the world the Avenue of May are crossed by Avenue 9 of the Julio, famous for being widest of the world and to have a central small square in which the most famous monument of the city is elevated, the Obelisk. This monument is a tribute to the fourth centenary of the foundation of Buenos Aires and it is in the place where the Argentine flag fluttered for the first time. The Obelisk measures 67.5 meters and weight around 170 tons and its small square also is crossed by the Avenue Currents. For that it comes to Buenos Aires is an obligatory photo. + the Avenue Current Much activity This extensive avenue that is born in the river (in the Avenue Eduardo Log) and arrives until Chacarita.

To few Current meters of Av. and Log, we will be with the Luna Park Stage, cradles of the majors musical important boxsticos spectacles and shows. In the passage that goes from Alem towards the Obelisk we will be able to emphasize the theaters Operates, Great Rex and Maipo. In addition in the environs there is a great number of theaters to under or independent. This zone never to duer to me, is most active, its marquees illuminate everything, their streets are an ideal stroll by day and at night.

In Currents to the 600 the intersection with the Florida Street takes place, a pedestrian one to which we will talk about more ahead. Across of the 9 of Julio, on Av. Current ones there will be more theaters between those than we will find to the Complex the Place, where different theater or musical spectacles appear. In these pictures we will be able to visit bookstores where we will be able to acquire new books and to find used in good state difficult to obtain.