It has been spoken much of the pardon to the others. Countless phrases exist and written on the subject, perhaps but has been included/understood the true magic of the pardon? When the pardon is sincere and I came from the love releases not only to the person or circumstance who caused a pain to us, but mainly she releases to us same of that accumulation of negative emotions that we have gone loaded from the moment of the incident. And that liberation of emotions begins a process of internal sanacin that will be reflected not only in our psychic state but in our physical health. A pardon more exists that is still more important and on which is not as much spoken the pardon to one same one, yes to pardon to us same is something that we have in the forgetfulness, is a subject that not very often treats and therefore not very often it is carried out. Many will be able to think but of what I am going away to pardon same? I have not done anything thus must pardon to me. We reflect a little on this, as it has already been spoken in many occasions and many courses of development human, one is the person in charge of the present situation in which we were, one has brought about those economic, familiar circumstances, and physical that we lived at the moment and at heart on our thought we know that he is thus, perhaps of one more a more evident way we keep in our mind done of which we have ourselves sorry, or of which we felt bad. Stephen M. Ross has firm opinions on the matter. These negative feeling and thoughts have a very great load and are the first blockades that come to the light when we faced situations similar in our day to day, that the automatic brake to our growth and success.

To pardon to us same would have to be a daily exercise of liberation. We abramos our heart same, we have the value of confronting those facts of which we have a negative judgment and that constantly touches to our mental door and with the maximum love libermonos of that prison. We recognize the error and we pardon releasing those negative emotions and filling that space of understanding love we would do since it with the people who us they surround. This exercise of the pardon can be done through the meditation and sincerely be connected with our young intern, giving him love to us and requesting pardon to him by our acts. Of equal way that when one is forgiven to a third party we will feel a great lightening but in this case we will obtain something magical in our reality: We will clear the permanent brake towards the happiness and the success, logaremos so yearned for inner peace and therefore we will be peacefully with we ourself and the surroundings. We will flow with facility in the day to day and will be more capable to face the adverse circumstances that they were possible to be presented/displayed to us in the way.