Fraudulent Property Transactions

This story I got from the book "The world's largest fraud." As a result of this scam, the initiator robbed half the population of New Mexico in the late 19th century. I was surprised the scope and audacity to the event, and given that today's real estate market is full of crooks and con men, I found it necessary to share it with you. Everyone can do for yourself some practical conclusions, which will save in purchase and sale of the apartment. I gave her part in end. Thus, the initiator was James Edison Rivis. This man was born in 1843 in Missouri. During the Civil War at the age of eighteen he was in the Confederate ranks, where he showed a gift copyist.

His fraudulent "career" began with what Rivis cleverly forged leaves of absence. A little later he began the manufacture of false documents to withdraw ammunition and provisions from the stores. The resulting good marketed by James cheap supply agents, and other fine felt. After the war began Rivis real estate transactions in Santa Fe. In the early 1870s, in the city archives, he stumbled upon a treaty signed after the war with the U.S. Mexico in 1846.

This agreement called the "Guadalupe Hidalgo". In accordance with the United States reaffirmed the right of ownership of the old Spanish families on earth, departed after the war, the United States. A couple of years Rivis was in Northern California, where at that time committed scores of operations under the contract of Guadalupe Hidalgo.