Gandan Monastery In Ulaanbaatar

Visit at the main Buddhist monastery of Mongolia the programme of the first day of the visit in the Mongolia usually consists of a tour of Ulan Bator, including visiting some sights standards, such as for example the Gandan Monastery. There are temples in Tibetan and Chinese architectural style and an approximately 26 meters high bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara statue to visit. Many prayer wheels in sizes are the visitors to use available. Gandantegchinlen Khiid (Mahayana island of the perfect pleasure), as what is actually called the monastery with his full name, was closed in the 1930s within the framework of the Communist persecution of Buddhist and partially destroyed. The late of 1940s, when the Communist rulers of Buddhism appeared less dangerous, it was commissioned again to a modest extent. Gandan Monastery, Ulan Bator, MongoleiSo Gandan has long been the only serves its proper purpose monastery of Mongolia. In everyday life, the practice of religion was however largely prohibited. Gandan served as the a few other surviving”monasteries, as a Museum and tourist attraction.

At the same time, it had a kind of Feigenblatt function and should demonstrate the alleged freedom of religion in the Communist Mongolia. The monastery has a shop where you can buy lamaistisch Buddhist Devotionalia. In the neighborhood there are more stores offering sacred items such as prayer flags, prayer wheels, etc. The best is advised to leave from a local Buddhists also here, where you can buy what things in the best quality and at the best price. Gandan Monastery, Ulan Bator, MongoleiEventuell is also a good idea, on the first visit of the monastery just to look around and read prayers. You can do the shopping of Buddhist “souvenirs” then on the last day prior to departure. So not risking, bumpy inland via the explorations to damage his purchases or to lose. During a visit of the monastery there are, the lamas for a donation modest – for European relations – for to pray the good success of the further journey. Gandan Monastery, Ulan Bator, MongoleiMehr information about there are rewarding destinations in the Mongolia tour in the Mongolia of travel know-how blog by Mongol. Daniel Huber, Mongol tour