Good Knowledge Of English, A

By english4professionals without good knowledge of English, no longer runs business English courses in the modern world of work. In interviews, a short “small talk” in English the rule has become. The more you can afford here no deficits. Fortunately, these facts have now arrived at each. Often, the personal motivation are however lacking.

You then decided, courses are either too expensive or the course sizes too large, with up to 17 participants. Away from the large and often expensive schools, english4professionals has created an attractive offer. Homogeneous groups maximum 4 participants, trained by professional and sympathetic instructors, set up small a pleasant Lernatmosphere! The new business English courses beginning in spring 2010 available now. english4professionals of the Niederlahngau road 15 28199 Bremen english4professionals is a small, friendly and highly professional school in the Bremen-Neustadt. Our customers are mainly working people (professionals) that their newly acquired English skills specifically want to insert in the profession. Since the Foundation in 2007, we grow continuously and provide professional services around the English language both corporate and private clients. We are excellently organized, have low administrative costs and can therefore offer our service for unrivalled low prices! Whether in your own premises or with us in the school. Their needs are always at the Center!