Government Process

Do you sell a product of low or high involvement? Is its market composed by people or organizations? Such persons or organizations are final consumers or are transformers or intermediary? When we speak of final consumers type people and are evaluating the purchase of a good or service of high involvement (ejm. The purchase of a new housing, a new vehicle, the hiring of a policy of comprehensive insurance, etc.), follow a pattern of relatively stable behavior consisting of the following steps: recognition of the problem. Search for information. Evaluation of alternatives. Decision making. Execution of the purchase.

Assessment after the purchase. When we talk about purchasing high involvement at the enterprise level, usually more sophisticated steps apply, but generally the process is similar to the previous one except that each of the steps it is much more elaborate and not a single person does participation in each one of the tasks. It normally intervenes a Committee comprised of various representatives of the organization-specific functions. If the Organization belongs to the Government, there surely is a legal framework which governs the processes of purchase and contracting, which makes more complex yet the process of sale for this type of entities. It is important that this analysis already that the evaluation process of its buyer varies much depending on type of purchase carried out and this in turn implies that you must drive a sales process very focused to the type of purchase and the type of buyer who is attending. If you are involved as a seller in a high involvement purchase type, work to identify each one of the more detailed stages of the purchase process that performs its purchaser (person or company) and identify clearly each of the steps. His success as a seller will lie in very well understand your potential customer’s buying process, positively influencing that process, reducing the time that each of the steps that includes the process and ensuring that your customer’s expectations.