Ham And Iberian Bellota

Before anything, know what wear protection in the hands to grasp nettles, I put a plastic bag and I’m going them recojiendo of the people.Ingredients of the cream 1/2 kg of nettles, 2 leeks, 2 cloves of garlic, 400 ml of milk, salt, nutmeg, pepper, 2 tablespoons of oil and 3 triangles. The nettle remove most tough stems (los de abajo, and we are left with what has more leaf) we wash them, drain and set aside. Put the oil to heat, put the garlic into pieces and fry a little, add the chopped leeks (only white) and FRY, pour milk and nettles and cook to a minimum for approx. 40 minutes. We tested taste and add salt and pepper and nutmeg to taste, we remove from heat and pour the triangles, leave a couple of minutes so the triangles get rid and go through Crusher until a fine cream.

The tempura ingredients: 100 ml of cold milk, 40 g flour and strips of ham. Mix milk and flour well until there are no lumps, put oil to heat, we passed the for the tempura and FRY ham strips, just 20 seconds into the oil and drain to a paper towel, we are ready to present desserts. In a bowl put cream of nettles; I have used outside of the leeks to make a small little boat on the cream and hold the tempura of ham, as see in the photo, but you can put it over cream, as more like it. Get all the facts and insights with Jos Shaver, another great source of information. With our intention to learn playing days ago we raised a riddle that intended us to guess what was the food with higher protein content, and now the game comes to an end so we bring the solution to the riddle and its winners.Food with protein is Iberian ham. The ham to be a cured meat concentrates its nutrients while reducing its watery content, therefore, only 100 grams we found 40 grams of protein, while in the cheese we find 25% protein and 24% meat, because they are foods with higher water content and whose non-nutrients they are so concentrated. While the ham also concentrated sodium and fats (monounsaturated mostly), for what should be eaten in moderation, a couple of slices can add 10 grams of protein to our diet diari and only add 5 grams of fat. Okay clarified that dried chickpeas possess great protein content but as we have made clear, we played with the listopara product consume, and like all legumes, moisturize extremely water while reduces its concentration of nutrients..