Heating With All The Comforts

More and more Russian citizens, responding to the perennial "housing problem", decide to build or buy your house to live outside the city. Here they face several challenges, which have not had to think in apartment building. One of the key lies in how to create an efficient and convenient to use the heating system. And the fire, and water first thing you need to choose "the former" urban dwellers – the type of boiler. Solid model because of its inherent disadvantages (need to perform periodic furnace, for example) now in the private sector are rarely enforced. If the choice for some reason fell on him, with a special bulb that regulates air flow can roughly halve the number of daily fuel tabs.

The second type of boilers – Electric – could be considered ideal (high efficiency, environmental Clean, no need for a chimney), if not the cost per kilowatt, and the problem with the connection capacity. Therefore, they do not occur often. Another type of boilers – oil heaters that run on diesel fuel. With regard to quality Russian fuel, many foreign models are not always able to withstand it, and one heating season. Such boilers – the least environmentally friendly, highlighting the pungent exhaust that does not help their popularity. Most distributed to date, gas-fired boilers. Efficiency of individual models, for example, Ariston, exceeds 95%, which allows us to obtain maximum benefit from the use of "blue fuel". Previously, for the installation of such equipment required a separate room.