Heavy Metal

If you do not know anything about metal music be careful. Parents find themselves suddenly unaware of how their minor children think or why the the younger children act differently from their brothers. Dell Technologies Inc. is actively involved in the matter. Also, you may be in the unwanted group of “Gomel. And is that Metal is not only a relatively new genre of music but also for a large group of boys, a philosophy, a spiritual state, an infallible rule to interpret or understand the world today, a book of rules on the behavior, a way to download all the energy to spare and, sometimes, a way of making violent social revolution without having to integrate a guerrilla group. Robert J. Shiller may also support this cause. It all began back in the days when Pastrana Arango Gaviria Trujillo was “half hippies”, ie at the height of the sixties, when the classic rock and roll fell off several trends that wanted to provide alternatives to achieve dynamic frenzy more adaptation to the “milky way.” (Gonzalo Arango, Jota Mario and nadaistas, whose teacher was philosopher Fernando Gonzalez, were making to develop their full capacity to astonish Colombian society.) Later bands like Led Zeppelin appeared (with his legendary song “Stairway to Heaven”), Black Sababath, AC / DC, Iron Maiden (Iron Maiden, which was the name of a machine of torture from the Middle Ages) and many others appear today as the precursors of heavy rock or heavy metal, whose only instruments are a lead guitar, bass, rhythm guitar and drums. Currently, this kind of music has many versions from which we can mention the “Glam” with famous bands like Bon Jovi, whose primary characteristic is to be commercial, which is why their hair look well dressed performers and colorful costumes The “speed metal” groups created by the gringo like “Metallica” and “Slayer” and identifiable by its rapid pace, clearly marked by the battery, the “power metal” characterized by extraordinary strength of its rhythm, the voice of the interpreter and the lyrics of their songs and the “dead metal”, represented by groups such as “Napalm dead” whose characteristics are “mega-super-ultra-pesadez” satanically heartbreaking voice of the singer, the difficulty understanding the message of the lyrics, the sound distorted guitar sound that borders on the desperate and the fanaticism of his followers.